This is the best Actuarial Value Calculator available for Administrator, Broker, and Employer use.

This tool is designed for ease of use with tracking and cataloging of all groups, plan design, and values.  Brokers and others can use this to create a library of their entire book of business, help employers design an array of plans, benchmark plan values and generally gain advantage in the marketplace.

With amazing transparency, the black box details are revealed showing the value of deductible, coinsurance, and copays for each plan, and for each line of medical coverage.  Our calculator is engineered to avoid the “counterintuitive results” that sometimes plague the federal calculator.  (This means our calculator moves in the right direction with any change in plan design.)

Specialty Drug Carveout

Measure the value of Specialty Rx Carveout

Induced Utilization Switch

Plan values adjusted for expected changes in utilization induced by plan design

Custom Utilization Adjusters

Adjust any single category for inside limits or provisions

HRA Calculator

Provides the expected cost of simple HRA designs

Creditabiity Testing

Pass/Fail test for inputted Rx plan design

Stop Loss Modeling

Provides cost model above and below any stop loss deductible and expected claim count

Adjust for Member Count

Cost modeling based on member count